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feisty meow® concerns ltd. is a small corporation nestled among the hills of rustic, rural Antioch, Virginia in the United States of America. We have been developing open source software since 1992 and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality free/open source software we possibly can. All source code is released under the GNU GPL license and/or Apache ASL license where applicable.

Our entire corporate code base is available for free download in a variety of formats:
get feisty meow

More information about the feisty meow codebase is available here:
feisty meow docs

Custom software design and programming services can be purchased from feisty meow® concerns ltd:
feisty meow development services

Recent Posts…

Danger – Coppermine Gallery May Eat Your Pictures

Before I go on, let me congratulate the Coppermine developers for a fine product.  This is just one warning that could catch the unaware… I noticed this problem when adding a bunch of new pictures to my Coppermine Gallery.  There were a few pictures that needed rotation, so I used …

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Relating Naturally to an AI

    Was pretty excited to see a nice welding of human data with AI, accessible via a “somewhat natural language” programming language, in Wolfram Alpha (https://www.wolframalpha.com/).    I enjoy asking it tough questions, but am not always totally pleased with the results. Since it’s a fixed database of knowledge, there’s …

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Virtual Machines in a Klein Bottle

I heard about a virtual machine implementation that runs in web browsers and was like “how? and why?”.  But this is a pretty amazing feat.   Let’s explore this accomplishment, which is available to try at http://copy.sh/v86/ I’ve used virtual machines a lot in the past. It’s the best way I …

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How to mount an ISO image on Linux

Many software packages provide an ISO disk image with their software on it. This can be burned to a DVD, but it doesn’t have to be if you just want to access the files on the ISO image. These steps will mount an ISO file and allow the files within …

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A cure for flickering water and objects in grid viewers (opensim, second life, et al)

When flying around the metaverse, I have often noted that a distant sim (say one or two regions away from me, depending on the video settings) will have ugly flickering water. The water will just flash, appear and disappear, at a furious rate in a really distracting way. I did …

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little guy in the logo…

ugh. so i had forgotten who the “little guy” was in the center of my wacky logo (used to be on https://feistymeow.org but now just here it seems): turns out he is euclid. thank you reverse image search (https://www.tineye.com/). now trying to find a copy of euclid’s elements to read, …

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How to Keep Virtual Machine Info Alive in a Windows Domain

VMWare and HyperV virtual machines will often lose their membership in a Windows Domain (not to be confused with an Internet Domain) for a complex variety of reasons. One of these reasons is the automatic password change procedure followed between the windows domain client and the domain server. In this …

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Stop the Windows speaker beeps!

Stop the Beeps, please… Some Windows operating systems still insist on using the speaker inside the computer case to make horrid sounding beeps. This can drive oneself and one’s office mates quite mad. Silence is golden. The steps to disable the speaker beeps are quite simple. They work on at …

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